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Here is a hidden tab that only an editor can see!

Wix sure likes to autofill in weird things to say about politicians!

Lake View

Hidden tab.

Instructions for website.

To add a news segment with its own page linked only to the news tab, follow this.

Make the new segment have its own page. To do this:

  1. In the top left click Page (next to the page will be the tab you are on, when you first start, it will say “Page: Home”, this takes you to the manage pages tab

  2. Click Add page, use whatever format is best.

  3. Go to edit menu to hide the new page, click on the three dots next to the new page and click “hide item”.

  4. Go back to the page manager and see that there is a new page with its own link that no longer appears.

  5. To grab the link of the new page, click the gear next to the page on the manage pages window and click “Page SEO”, here you can customize the link for the page and copy paste it to link onto the news tab. The default name for any new tab will be where (pagetemplatename) is replaced by the name of the template used to create the new page.  

  6. Once a page with the news is created, to add an item onto the news page we go to the manage pages tab, click “News” then mouse over the page and find where it says “Edit”

  7. On the left side, there is a “list items”, click “add item”

  8. Edit the new item how you wish, with a photo and a small abstract.

  9. The 4 squares on the left of the item can be dragged using the mouse to order news items, newest items can be dragged to the top.

  10. When editing the abstract, I liked to add “Read More” and then link the more detailed page onto those words.

Instructions: Issues
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