About David

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In the statehouse

David serves on the House committee on Ways and Means, working to bring equitable tax solutions to all Vermonters. He is a member of the Joint Carbon Emissions Reduction Committee, the Climate Solutions Caucus, the Vermont Rural Economic Development Working Group, and the Older Vermonters Caucus.

Key Issues

  1. An economy that works for everyone, with access to affordable childcare and paid family leave for new parents.

  2. Energy policies that confront climate change, including participation in the Transportation Climate Initiative.

  3. Local control of schools and education funding, with accurate pupil-weighting to ensure fairness across the state, and less reliance on property taxes.



David has served in the Vermont House since being elected in 2018.  For over 25 years he has worked for small businesses, and for eight years was the General Manager of a 1600-member community owned food co-operative.  A former teacher, he has been a director on the Mt. Anthony Union High School District Board since 2012, and previously was a member of the Shaftsbury School District Board.  He is a past member of Shaftsbury’s Budgeting Committee and Ancient Roads Committee.  David is the founding director of the Shires of Vermont Marathon, benefiting United Counseling Service’s Children & Family Services program, coached the Norshaft youth soccer team, and was volunteer JISP skating coordinator.  He has also served on the boards of the Neighboring Food Co-operative Association, Southshire Community School, and the Chesterwood Advisory Council.  He graduated from Williams College and received an MBA from Cornell University. David lives in the village of South Shaftsbury with his wife, Melanie, and their three sons.

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