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David Durfee is committed to developing an economy that works for everyone, pursuing sustainable energy policies that confront climate change, and protecting local control of education. David has made it his life’s work to advance community interests while maintaining fiscal responsibility. As the general manager of a local food co-operative, with more than 40 employees and 1600+ members, David oversaw a $5 million operating budget. He has been an honest voice of reason on SVSU school boards for the last eight years. As a long standing director on the former Shaftsbury School Board, and a seasoned representative on the Mount Anthony Union School Board, David has led with courage and heart. He combines his experience as a former educator with his business expertise, bringing reason to impassioned budget impasses. In addition to serving on school boards, he was appointed to the town Budget Committee and Ancient Roads Committee. He is a member of the Shaftsbury Democratic Committee and a three-time delegate to the State Democratic Party Convention. David was the founding director of the Shires of Vermont Marathon fundraiser for United Counseling Service's Children and Family Services program. He graduated with a BA from Williams College and received an MBA from Cornell University. He lives in the heart of Shaftsbury, Vermont with his wife, Melanie, and their three sons.


Key Issues

David has spent the last 20 years living, working, and volunteering on the ground with community members throughout Bennington county. His work is a reflection of his commitment to key issues that impact working people and families.

Lake View

The Environment

School Bus & Children


Office Work

The Economy

Energy policies that confront climate change

While representing the people of Shaftsbury, Sunderland, and Glastenbury, David has fought for policies that protect our environment and keep Vermont at the forefront of climate change solutions.  He recognizes that protecting our environment, including our water and our air, is paramount to our health and well-being, and to the well-being of the Vermont economy.

Local control of schools and education funding

Each year, our towns get to decide what they wish to support in our schools by voting for their local school budget. David believes that local control of education and funding is essential to a vital public school system that reflects the priorities of the community. He has been an honest voice of reason on SVSU school boards, combining his experience as a former educator with his business background, and bringing reason to impassioned budget debates.

An economy that works for everyone

Developing an economy that works for everyone, not just the few, is a moral and financial imperative. Sustainable economies are equitable economies, with budgets that are crafted to support Vermont's working families-- the lifeblood of our state. Affordable, high quality childcare, housing, and healthcare are key areas where David's budgeting and analytical expertise is put to work on behalf of families in Bennington county and throughout the state.


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If you have an issue or question you'd like to discuss, do not hesitate to contact David.

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